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AnyBank - CRM - Calculating Customer Profitability


The ability to measure customer profitability inspite of turbulence in the finance sector has a direct link to your bottom line. Sastra Technologies has developed tools to measure customer profitabilty and have found that in about ten seconds a Bank's excutives can determine if a customer approaching them is "Profitable" or "Non-Profitable"

Customers are assessed based on their behaviour and interactions with the Bank like their investment and loan portfolio, number of service requests, number of branch visits and other variables. The service desk or teller will see a "Toaster" message pop-up indicating the Profitability rating of the customer.So when a customer walks in asking for a waiver of debit card fees the service desk is able to appropriately respond as per the customer profitability rating

Sastra is aware and recognises that not all Bank's cusomers are not the same and that customer service and satisisfaction is important across customer types. However our focus is to ensure that the Banks Profitability increases by ensuruing that levels of service is commensurate with the Profitability rating of the customer.

Sastra's used "Activity Based Costing" to compute the profitability of the customer. It aims to bring marketing and accounting departments of the bank to improve customer Profitability.

AB CAPS the Customer Acquisition and Profiling System allows Banks to feed in marketing and servicing costs and determine the lifetime value of the customer. This helps in determining if the customer continues to utilise the banks services or is an one-off customer.

Using these tools Banks can analyse if their top customers in terms of Sales Volume are actually Profitable and warrant previleged services

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