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AnyBank-CRM-Credit Underwriting Tools


The process of underwriting loans especially those of unsecured products can be excruciating. As an underwriter you will have to check the Demographic details, the financial details verify the eligibility, compute IRR, determine the repayment capacity and prepare an appraisal report to distinguish the prospects from the suspects.

AnyBank - CRM  is a new age Fintech product that includes Customer Acquistion, CRM, Customer Profiling and Credit Underwriting that provides tools to enable undwrriters work effectively.

Getting to know the lead

Till the time you qualify a person they remain a lead in your CRM. Leads can be either a corporate or an individual and they cannot be treated the same. We understand that so AnyBank CRM has classified leads into ten constituents and has a separate data capture forms for each of them. The data we capture for these different constituents is different enabling indepth financial analysis.

Interface to credit agencies and other data sources

AnyBank CRM has CPU to CPU connectivity to CIBIL and other agencies to fetch credit data of individuals in realtime. For corporate leads we use other publicly available data sources.

The underwriting engine

Once these data is fetched AnyBank CRM computes the eligibility and suggests the products that can be offered to the prospect. Usually the personnel in the Central Processing Cell identify the products that can be sold to this customer. Once this decision is fed into AnyBank an elctronic application is automatically created and any additional data that is required is notified to the sales team. A credit engine simultaneously evaluates the application with the credit policy and a Risk engine parallely runs the application through a risk profile matrix. All this happens without any manual intervention.

What next?

As a underwriter you are presented with a Credit Appraisal Memo with the analysis and ratios of the respective engines i.e. the Elgibility, Credit and Risk engines. 

These advanced robotic engines enable you to approve loans only for people who can afford repayments for the tenure of the loan giving you the power that you deserve as an underwriter.

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