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AnyBank - CRM - Effective Cross-selling at the Lead Stage


It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right. -Mark Hunter

Obtaining quality leads who believe in your product can be very elusive especially when your product happens to be a financial product or service. In such cases the lead time between the initial contact to conversion can be anywhere between a few days to a few months. Sales Teams should explore every opportunity to cross sell products as early as possible in the sales life cycle.

However current applications do not equip sales team with the information on a lead's elgibility vis-a-vis the product portfolio. Sales Team's are in the dark on what to offer the prospective customer. With new age Fintech products being released in Customer Acquistion, CRM, Customer Profiling etc this need not be the case. Imagine having a facility in your CRM where you get to know of the cross-sell opportunities at the lead stage rather than downstream along with the eligibility match. AB-CAPS does just that it offers sales team a list of products that can be offered to a prospect after auto-matching his demographics and other details with the product criteria. All you need is the prospect's willingness to sign-up.

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