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AnyBank-CRM-Enhance Evaluating Eligibility of a Lead or Prospect automatically


Experience 50% reduction in costs compared to manual eligibility verification methods 

Experience 90% accuracy in elgibility verifications


If you head an Operations division in a Bank or Financial Services company than you would have experienced first hand the number of iterations that the sales people need to obtain the documentation from a prospective customer and the manual effort in evaluating eligibility after the information is obtained. With new age Fintech products being released in Customer Acquistion, CRM, Customer Profiling etc this need not be the case.

AB CAPS the CRM designed for Banks and Financial Services enhances the process of evaluating a Prospect's eligibility.

Sales teams enter the demographic, financial and other details of a lead as and when they become available and the eligibility evaluation engine automatically builds the eligibility matrix as it senses new data being fed in. The eligibility matrix is built for each product in the portfolio giving the operations team a quick view of the cross selling opportunities. The eligibily can be configured to act on any attribute of the lead.

Having a completed automated eligibilty evaluation engine can offer a Bank or NBFC several benefits

  • You could achive atleast 50% reduction in resource costs as resources are freed up due to automation
  • You could achieve 90% accuracy in eligibility verifications as automatic rules are consistently applied
  • Downsteram activities like credit underwriting can kick in much earlier because the eligibility is computation a lot quicker
  • You could Improve Customer Profitability because less resources are deployed in the workflow

The Elgibility engine is part of the AB CAPS CRM suite that includes Lead Management, Customer Acquisition, Profiling, Eligibility Evaluation, Risk Profiling, Credit Underwriting. In addition to this it has integrations to credit bureaus like CIBIL etc.

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