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AnyBank-CRM-Loan File And Document Management


Handling the volume of documents during the lifetime of a loan contract can be overwhelming especially when the loan portofolio runs into millions of contracts. The challenge lies across the lifecycle of the documentation process from acceptance, classification, digitisation, archiving, retrieval and return. With new age fintech products like AB COLE the cloud based AnyBank Collections and Lending application the whole process is streamlined and painless due to the intgrated Business Process Management (BPM) workflows.

The AB or AnyBank suite handles all the "Know Your Customer" (KYC) documents at the CRM / Origination stage. "Income Proof" documents are also handled at this stage. The documents accepted are based on the customer constituion i.e the documents submitted by a private limited company can be different from the documents submitted by an individual. AB accepts scanned documents and stores it in the document store within micro seconds.

Documents that are specific to products are accepted in AB COLE the collection and lending application. If an individual applies for an autoloan then the KYC documents are accepted at the lead stage while the "Registration Certificate" of the vehicle is accepted in AB COLE. However all documents are stored in a single document store allowing staff to (with sufficient previlges) to view them on demand.

The complete Loan file with the application and the documents are tracked within COLE. Staff can flag the status of the file for example if the operations team sends the file to vault then the file status is flaggeed as "SENT TO VAULT" when the staff at teh vault receives it then it is flagged as "AT VAULT". This allows the credit or operations team to locate the file with a few seconds should the file be required which is usually the case when the loan cotract turns delinquent or the customer requests for the loan to be rescheduled.

The document and file management features are one of the most powerful features available to ease the pain in loan management.




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