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AnyBank - CRM - Tools for Centralised and Distributed Processing


Whether your operations are centralised or distributed we have a deployment architecture to handle the processing 

Having a Operations workflow that runs smoothly irrespective of the volume of applications to be processed  is essential for realising higher profitability figures. Operations can either be centralised in a single location or Distributed across multiple locations. But then there is no one method that can stand the test of time. It is usual to have centralised operations when the volume of applications is small and as and when the volume increases it is normal to have ops department in additional locations. 

This throws a challenge to CRM and Business Process Management. Adding multiple locations and routing the incoming applications automatically becomes cumbersome. With new age Fintech products being released in Customer Acquistion, CRM, Customer Profiling etc this need not be the case.

AB CAPS the CRM designed for Banks and Financial Services allows you to start with a single operations cell and then add additional cells as and when they are setup. Personnel are assigned to each cell and the incoming applications are routed to correct cell based on predetrmined criteria automatically and without manual intervention.

This offers Banks and Financial Institutions several advantages

  1. There are no changes to be made to the CRM deployment. Personnel in the new cell are granted access to the CRM
  2. The workload is distributed across locations

The Operation workflow is part of the AB CAPS CRM suite that includes Lead Management, Customer Acquisition, Profiling, Eligibility Evaluation, Risk Profiling, Credit Underwriting. In addition to this it has integrations to credit bureaus like CIBIL etc.

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