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Connect People, Process, Data


The needs of users in Banking and Financial Services can rarely be provided by a single application. Any commercial bank would have about eighteen IT solution vendors which means either eighteen or more applications that have to work together. Integrating applications and service has been difficult as architects have to deal with incompatible file and data models, synchronous and asynchronous communications etc.

Sastra has evolved a set of patterns for integrating applications using a common vocabulary and semantics - BPM and JSON. These patterns cover use cases across the spectrum of banking operations from Customer Acquisition, Customer Relationship, Product Definition, Scoring, Credit Checks, Repayment Structure, Delinquency management etc.

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Proven Solutions to a Recurring Problems

Each pattern provides a proven solution to a recurring problem. The patterns are implemented in real life using the BPM and EI suite by Appiyo while the contemporary User Interface is built by the Sastra Team. Using a BPM and EI suite helps us maintain an industry standard vocabulary and semantics.

Reduced IT Complexity

Asynchronous messaging using JSON over REST is the foundation of our Enterprise Integration practice that has evolved by capturing our developers and architects experience in building integration solutions for several Banks and Financial Institutions.

Increased Agility

One of the best business benefits of enterprise application integration is that it enables organizations to recognize and respond to opportunities in a timely manner.



Important Benefits of Enterprise Integration for Banks and Financial Institutions

Our EI solutions will allow you to:
  • Standard semantics - JSON over REST
  • Unified Change Management across all applications
  • Centralized rule repository - Write once access anywhere
  • Reusable API's - Use the API's across applications irrespective of vendors

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