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Evaluators Guide

Looking at evaluating the AnyBank suite for your organisation's CRM, Origination and Onboarding workflows? Then this is the place to start.

T he Evaluators Guide is for executives tasked with evaluating a digital strategy for their financial institution. The guide provides a flow for evaluating applications by highlighting the areas for department designates and functional experts to examine and analyse. Though this guide is developed for the AB Suite of products it can be tailored to evaluate any product.
S takeholders, Roles and Users are provided in the Guide. Use this to login to the AB suite. Each of these users is tied to a role and has limited entitlements within the application. Each of these user credentials can be distributed among the people evaluating the application. All credentials have an expiry date after which they become inactive.
S ales Teams can evaluate the CRM and Call Centre applications for their Sales Workflows and Performance.
U nderwriters can evaluate the workflow based underwriting mechanisms that include eligibility criteria, credit normsand and the Credit Appriasal Memo in addition to the risk managament and sanction
O perations and Back-office staff at the processing centres can evaluate the loan management and vault managment activities including clearing, accruals and charges processing
B Branch and CPC executives can evaluate the interfaces, Document Management and Data curing capabilities.
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