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Customer Acquisition & Origination

The Financial Services Industry is getting more competitive than ever with the emergence of newer players with access to sophisticated technology. Still using a a CRM created for other industries? Its Time to disrupt. Switch to a Customer Profile based CRM. Our CRM solution combines several years of industry experience to transform your

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Customer Relationship Management

With the growth of the Internet and related technologies, customers are concerned over the privacy and safety of their personal information. Therefore, businesses need to ensure the storage and analysis of their customer data has the highest levels of protection against cyber criminals, identity theft and other breaches of security. Special CRM

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Lead Generation & Origination

AB CAPS banks and financial services institutions to tap every conceivable method for generation leads. AB CAPS allows lead to be imported directly from campaign managers TWIXOR. Foot on the ground sales people can create leads at customer location and upload KYC documents each lead is geotagged to prevents relevant leads.

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