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Change Management

Unified Change Management

Our Unified Change Management services allows your Project Teams to track changes and ensures that they are propagated across all applications.

We support multiple Project Teams irrespective of vendor affiliations and ensure that each team propagates the features or changes across their applications, design artefacts, Software components and documentation. We use Apache Bugzilla for tracking bugs, enhancements, feature requests and release management and we use GIT as the source code repository and configuration tool to manage all code artefacts

Download our Presentation on Unified Change Management

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Strategy Development

You can transform your Projects to produce predictable outputs



Benefits of a unified change management strategy for your Projects

Our unified change management services
  • Unified change management provides a thorough traceability and impact assessment for your Project
  • Unified change management enhances the integrity of deliveries and builds
  • Unified change management offers a predictable outcome for your projects
  • Unified change management provides a clear estimate of elapsed time for deliveries
  • Unified change management helps reduce costs through process automation for propagating features and changes

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