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We know your business success depends on your people that's why we deliver products and solutions that create smooth flows to enable your staff to focus on their business rather than working around technology challenges.

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Delivery and Commitment beyond the business proposal!

Enterprise integration serves as a bridge between different software programs, allowing the flow of data from one software application to another as well as providing the required interfaces to manage the data flow. Enterprise Integration allows organizations to utilize existing IT assets to rapidly meet new business needs. We provide the services to deploy the Business Process, Rules, API's to utilise the existing investments in software assets to transform your organisation
We provide Project leadership to ensure the dynamic allocation, utilization, management of resources, both human and technical. The leadership pays attention to both individual efforts and product delivery schedule, in relation to costs and the manner in which funds are used. We provide the co-ordination, direction, technicalities, and other processes artefacts required in carrying out a project or program successfully.
Our Unified change management model coordinates and unifies the activities deployed to plan and monitor your development efforts and the work products undergoing change. The change management model is achieved by both process and tools. We use tool sets to track features and bugs and combine it with a clean code repository to ensure that your feature request can be tracked till the code is deployed
We make conscious attempts to boost the awareness of deploying OpenSource Operating Systems like Ubuntu, Office Productivity Suite like OpenOffice across your organisation. This enables organisations to save funds and deploy it on business enhancing projects.
We offer services that help your team deploy DevOps and Continuous Integration in your organisation. We start with scaffolding the development directory and then move on to setting up the initial repositories and then set up the test environments and frameworks. We finish it off with an automatic deployment if required.
We offer complete configuration and release management support for your IT department. From installing the required infrastructure to support the process we also track development branches, bugs, testing cycles and releases. We are well equipped to perform a clean roll back in the unlikely event a wrong patch is applied in production.
We offer profiling of your complete hardware and technology stack to determine if resources are optimally used. Our recommendations are practical and actionable and will result in getting the most from your hardware and application investments.
As part of our AB suite we offer products for Customer Acquisition, CIBIL Integration, Pre-paid Card portals and Fee Collection.
We offer services to augment your technical staff in supporting ATM's, POS terminals, Data Center Infrastructure, Databases etc

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